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A child’s biological parents have a statutory duty to care for, educate and support the children they bring into the world. So long as they can work out things themselves, how those responsibilities are measured financially, is up to them. [read more about child support]

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Modification of Child Support in Michigan:

Our Michigan child support attorneys can help with modifying child support. The court has the discretion and authority to modify child support provisions in judgments at any time, until the child reaches 18 years old or until 19 ½ if they have not graduated from high school, but are full time students.  In order for the court to allow a modification of previously ordered child support, the court must determine that there has been proper cause or a change of circumstances. [read more about modifying child support]

Enforcement of Child Support in Michigan:

When you have an order for child support, you have a right to enforce the order. Enforcement of Child Support procedures vary from county to county. 

Typically, it requires filing a show cause motion, at which the time the court will read the petition, determine if there is cause, and where appropriate, the court will set a hearing date at which time the payor will be ordered to appear before the court and explain why he or she has failed to pay, as ordered. [read more about enforcing child support]

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