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Considering Filing for Divorce in Michigan?

A divorce formally ends a couple’s marriage. Every divorce presents a unique set of facts and issues to decide.

Some divorce cases are relatively simple, such as when the marriage is very short, there are no minor children or accumulation of assets, and there are no special considerations such as allegations of abuse or severe illness.  Others are more complex and may involve a unique set of issues regarding the division of marital property, including investments and businesses, retirement benefits, marital debts, spousal support and issues pertaining to custody and parenting time.

From the beginning, there needs to be a determination by the attorney and client as to where their case fits on that continuum and what the ultimate goals for the case should be. Our Plymouth, MI divorce attorneys find that the best route to take is for us to get a good understanding of the facts, discuss them with you, along with the legal principles that would apply, and then determine how the case should be handled in an effective, but cost efficient manner.

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