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Enforcing Child Support in Michigan

When you have an order for child support, you have a right to enforce the order. Enforcement of Child Support procedures vary from county to county. 

Typically, it requires filing a show cause motion, at which the time the court will read the petition, determine if there is cause, and where appropriate, the court will set a hearing date at which time the payor will be ordered to appear before the court and explain why he or she has failed to pay, as ordered.

Nonpayment of court-ordered support may lead to a contempt of court citation, resulting in a jail term.  It can also result in the person failing to pay support losing their licensure to practice their profession as well as their driving license. It can result in a hold on their acquiring or using their passport to leave the country. 

The statute of limitations to enforce past due child support is 10 years.

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