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Extensive Knowledge and Guidance

Dear Mr. Martina,

Thank you for representing our daughter, Ashley, this past year in her divorce proceedings. Your guidance has been greatly appreciated and now that the document has been approved by the judge, her life with her son can now start a new direction.

The next fifteen years will certainly have challenges, but we believe in our daughter and will support her as she shapes her life as a single parent.

Your knowledge of the legal proceedings required in cases such as Ashley’s, gave us confidence that you would do your best to legally provide her with a fair settlement.

Continued success to your in your practice Mr. Martina.

Yours truly,

Brian and Ruth

Madison, OH

Brian and Ruth, a Divorce client

Not just an attorney but an advisor

Carlo was a great not only as an attorney but a compassionate and empathetic human being.


Highly Recommended

I highly recommend Carlo Martina & his firm if you require a divorce attorney or input on family law. Carlo helped me navigate the legal system, helped plan for the best outcome for all parties involved & was a professional from start to finish. Thank you Carlo for being a trusted advisor!


Intelligent, cunning, did an incredible job

Carlo is a great lawyer. He's thorough, uncovers facts that have the ability to sway the case, and doesn't relent until a fair verdict is reached. He locked in the child support so that it can never go up and he won 50/50 custody, which is basically unheard of in Wayne County. I hope I never need Carlo's services again, but if I do or if I find someone who does, I'd definitely go with Mr. Martina.


Exceptional Family Attorney

Carlo Martina is an exceptional family attorney. Throughout my case, Carlo was dedicated, detail- oriented, professional and empathetic. When you are going through divorce, you need someone who is very experienced at family law as well as someone who knows the system and how it works. Carlo is this person. Carlo is extremely well-respected in the family law community because he is honest, hardworking and will work for you and your children' s best interests. Carlo gives his clients realistic assessments of their situations and helps them to resolve divorce issues in the best way possible.

J.P., a Family client

Helpful and Compassionate Attorney

In 1996 I went through one of the most difficult times in my life. A divorce was not what I had wanted for my family and it was a very emotional and sad experience. Carlo was willing to listen to my questions and took the time to help me understand the process. He never rushed me and he did not make me feel like a number. I am very grateful for his compassion and expertise.


Caring and Competent

When I was in need of a divorce attorney a close friend of mine, who is a successful business attorney, without hesitation recommended Carlo Martina. I'm glad he did. From our first meeting, Carlo patiently listened and asked questions to make sure he understood exactly what was important to me. He then went over all of my options and based upon his years of experience explained the best course of action. He gave me clarity when I had none. He was accessible by phone, e-mail and in-person making communication a priority. His support staff was understanding and re-assuring and it was apparent they were confident in Carlo's ability as well. Carlo fought hard on my behalf and never backed down. He carried me through a very difficult time. He knows the system, the law and the chose the best course of action to achieve my desired goals. I am very happy with the results. You've made the decision to find the best attorney possible to represent you in your divorce. Be comfortable knowing Carlo will be your champion and advocate to the best possible resolution so you can move forward with your life.

Al, a Divorce client

Expertise and Compassion

Mr. Martina worked intelligently and responsively as we dealt with complex custody safety issues for my children. His efforts resulted in my assurance that my children would receive the care they required due to their special needs. His staff reflected the same high quality of service and compassion as we endured this difficult time in our lives.


Excellent Final Settlement

Mr. Martina did my recent divorce and I could not have been more pleased. He was available when needed, sympathetic to the emotional issues and extremely professional. He guided me through the entire process with a calm professional demeanor which made me feel confident that I had hired the right man. His office staff was helpful and very professional but also made me feel that I was well taken care of and that they had a genuine concern for my situation. I have recommended Mr. Martina to other friends and associates. Mr. Martina was also very prompt and considerate of my time. He was punctual and kept his appointments faithfully. My final settlement was excellent due to Carlos persistence and professional knowledge and skills. I could not recommend him more highly.

ART, a Divorce client

Personal recommendation

Carlo handled my case with expertise and personal compassion. I would certainly recommend Carlo to any future clients, and as an attorney myself who does not practice family law, in fact I do recommend him on frequent occasions.


God’s Gift to me and my children.

Carlo Martina and his staff are and were God’s gift to me and my children. I refer to Carlo as a part of my family and always will. My case with my son was something that I could actually probably write a movie about. This particular case had layers and more layers and obstacles to overcome for me to get parental rights with my child. As I sit here and write a review it almost brings me to tears due to the fact of how hard we had to fight just for a parent to get rights for their own child. As a single father in the state of Michigan and especially being a minority a black African-American male the system is definitely not built for us we are stereotyped we are looked down upon, we are missed treated and mentally abused by the Wayne County, Oakland County and the entire state of Michigan in every county by the friend of the court. The friend of the court is not my friend and I have no idea of how they came up with that particular name. However what I do know is when I met Carlo and his team they made me feel like family, they embraced me like family and most of all they gave me the closest thing to a fair chance to gain parental rights for my child and children that I love. Carlo did not only help me with my case with my oldest son he also helped me through a divorce and parental rights with my youngest daughter that I had with my ex-wife. Even through divorce it seems that everything is unfair across-the-board when it comes to being a man but in my case it’s 1000 times worse being an African-American male dealing with any court system in this country. I speak from the heart and while I’m speaking I’m speaking on behalf of my family and my children and I would just like to say thank you Carlo for embracing me and my children, for embracing my family and becoming a part of my family. I sincerely love you Carlo and your team and I will recommend your services above all or any other law firm services in the state of Michigan when it comes to family law brother. You were truly God sent to me and I would like to say thank you. Sincerely and strictly from my heart M.B.


He's the absolute BEST!!

I never wanted, nor did I ever expect to be in a position where I was filing for a divorce, but let's face it, things happen in life. Here's my background for you... I've worked with countless attorney's on a daily basis as part of my business for the last 28 years. Because of that, I know the difference between good legal representation/service and poor service. Carlo was recommended to me by a business lawyer I knew. When I contacted Carlo the first time, I was a wreck, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I was scared that I was going to lose my children, the very thought of being relegated to an every other weekend Dad sickened me. I was more than concerned that the business I'd built up was going to be decimated too. Carlo spoke to me in a manner that was way above and beyond professional. I knew he was the right attorney to hire! He was focused, and able to clarify my priorities. While he listened to my concerns, he was able to provide reassurance that all would be well. He understood how important our children were to me, and he understood the intricacies of my business. Carlo worked tirelessly on my behalf. It didn't matter the time of day or night, or what else was going on. He took me through a brutal and ugly life event with grace and diplomacy. He never once allowed the other side's ploys or tactics to affect what had become "our" strategy. He gave me timely and needed advice. He made sure that to the best of his ability that my children, their well being, and my ability to continue to be a loving and involved Dad was protected. Carlo was not only able to get me 50/50 custody, (which is unheard of when the mom is a full time stay at home mom) but he also was able to protect my ability to provide for our children. Carlo is a true veteran in the court systems. His military background in the intelligence field was also readily apparent in how he approached every aspect of my case. Carlo not only knew the opposing counsel, he also had appeared before the judge previously. Carlo was, and is a lifesaver in many ways. I can't say enough positive things about him, his service, or his results! It's only the very best lawyers that are busy, and that's because they're in high demand. Carlo is without a doubt a true leader in his field, a gentleman and he's not afraid of getting into it with opposing counsel when warranted. I appreciated his ability to anticipate and educate me on what the opposing side would do or try. Carlo was always three to four steps ahead of any situation, he's a true expert! If you're faced with having to go though a divorce, and you want the best for your children, there's only one guy to call... Carlo Martina!


As an attorney myself, I highly recommend Carlo

Carlo did a nice job handling my divorce. He was considerate of my desire to keep things as amicable as they can be under trying circumstances, and was able to work out a fair resolution of all the issues involved. As an attorney myself, I highly recommend Carlo to anyone in need of a very professional and competent family law attorney.


Best of the Best

I had a very complex divorce case that needed careful litigation. It was critical for me to choose a lawyer who was knowledgeable in family law, fair, hardworking and compassionate. I use the nomenclature “Best of the Best” because it captures the essence of what it means to be represented by an attorney who relentlessly works for you and with you to provide optimal results. In your entire professional life, you may come across a handful of people who convey to you a quality of eternal reassurance. They see you as you hope to be seen, are as optimistic about you as you wish you were about yourself, and they communicate their belief in what you have to offer with such sincerity that you can’t help but believe it to be true. Carlo was not only the "calm during the storm", but he consistently reassured me that everything was going to be o.k. He was not only eager to share his professional experience, but he provided the legal advice needed to represent me in a manner that is truly the “best of the best”, bar none! Because of Carlo’s assertiveness, professionalism, knowledge, expertise and experience, I would highly recommend him for anyone who is seeking legal representation!


The Best of the Best

Carlo Martina is not only the best of attorneys, but the best of male professionals. He was nothing short of kind, giving, and sophisticated in his actions throughout our time together. His drive, determination, and confidence kept me going when I was ready to give up. I will forever be grateful for his hard work and support.

Tami, a Divorce client

Knowledgeable, Caring and Professional

Without reservation, I would highly recommend Carlo and Peter to friends and family who are in need of their services. Going through a divorce is a difficult time in one's life, but it was made a little easier by having them in my corner. I found Carlo, who handled most aspects of my case, to be knowledgeable, caring and professional in all aspects of the litigation. There were times where I was frustrated with the whole process, but Carlo was there to put things into perspective. Although sometimes I felt that the deck was stacked against me, I realized that the law is the law and Carlo got the best result possible.

B.R., Esq.

Carlo Martina -Exceptional Family Attorney

Carlo Martina is an exceptional family attorney. Throughout my case, Carlo was dedicated, detail- oriented, professional and empathetic. When you are going through divorce, you need someone who is very experienced at family law as well as someone who knows the system and how it works. Carlo is this person. Carlo is extremely well-respected in the family law community because he is honest, hardworking and will work for you and your children' s best interests. Carlo gives his clients realistic assessments of their situations and helps them to resolve divorce issues in the best way possible.