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Most divorcing couples, if given the choice, would prefer an amicable divorce to an acrimonious one. An amicable divorce is usually quicker, less stressful for couples and their children, and less expensive than a divorce in which the couple heads to court to fight over every issue. Our Plymouth amicable divorce attorneys are here to help you.

You and your spouse may agree that you want to divorce amicably, but might be unsure how to go about it. Or you may wish for a peaceful divorce, but think it’s not possible due to conflict in your marriage. You may fear being taken advantage of if you don’t take an aggressive approach, even though you’d prefer to settle things reasonably.

The truth is, even if you had problems in your marriage, you can have an amicable divorce. Divorcing amicably doesn’t mean being weak or giving in to the your spouse’s demands; it means creatively and respectfully identifying ways that both you and your spouse can get your needs met.

Options for Amicable Divorce

Not only is amicable divorce within your reach,  but there are a variety of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options for making it happen, depending on your situation and wishes. These options include:

  • Collaborative Divorce, in which you, your spouse, and your attorneys meet together with other professionals as needed to negotiate divorce terms
  • Family Law Mediation, in which a neutral mediator facilitates negotiation of a divorce settlement between you and your spouse
  • Arbitration, in which you and your spouse select an attorney you trust to listen to you and make a binding decision about the terms of your divorce.

The great majority of Michigan divorces, including those that are litigated, end in settlement rather than in trial. Divorcing amicably allows you to exercise more control over the terms of your divorce settlement and sets the tone for better communication in the future–particularly important if you and your spouse will be co-parenting after divorce.

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