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What is a Divorce?

We all know someone who has had a divorce, and we all have a basic concept of what the term means.  But what really is a divorce in the State of Michigan?  Let’s take a moment to explore it a bit. First of all, a divorce is a lawsuit.  It is technically an adversary proceeding.  […]

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What Happens to the Equity in our House if we get Divorced?

With the economy and the housing market much healthier now than in the recent past, more and more people now actually have equity in their houses – i.e. their houses are worth more than they owe on them.  This is a good thing.  However, it creates another issue that needs to be dealt with in […]

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Jurisdiction: the Pesky Principle that can Hijack your Case

A major advantage of hiring an experienced family law attorney is the peace of mind of knowing your attorney will identify and competently handle any legal land mines that may be hidden in the facts of your case.  These are the issues that would likely be missed by people representing themselves or attorneys who merely […]

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Court of Appeals Upholds Ban on Same-Sex Marriage

For those watching the news recently, you likely saw that a major – and surprising – decision came out of the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday, November 6, 2014. Specifically, the two conservatives on a three-judge panel of the Court of Appeals sided with Attorney General Bill Schuette and the State of Michigan […]

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What is the Revocation of Paternity Act? Part 3

This article is the third in our series regarding Michigan’s Revocation of Paternity Act.  In our first installment, we discussed why the Act was enacted, the terminology used in the Act, and the ways in which the Act allows someone to revoke paternity.  In our second article, we dug a little deeper into how the […]

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FAQs for Mediation of Divorce and Family Law Matters

If you’re considering using mediation to resolve a divorce or other family law matter — or you’re attorney representing a client who is considering doing so — this document from the State Bar of Michigan should answer many of the questions you have. Feel free to download it, print it and pass it on. FAQs […]

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Should I Hire a Lawyer for my Family Law Case?

The decision of whether to hire an attorney to represent you in your family law case can be boiled down to a cost-benefit analysis.  Lawyers are not free, so the question becomes whether having an attorney provides enough return on investment to outweigh what you will pay him or her to represent you.  A brief […]

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How can I use a PPO to Protect Myself from Domestic Violence?

Though often not talked about, domestic violence is one of the most significant problems that people involved in family law cases face.  To make matters worse, the loss of control that a domestic abuser often experiences during a family law case can often lead the abuser to become even more threatening, violent, and abusive.  So, […]

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Can I get a Divorce in Michigan if my Spouse Lives out of State?

It often happens that one or the other parties to a marriage files for divorce while the parties are still living together. In fact, depending on the situation, some couples remain living together even after their divorce is final. However, it is also often the case that the parties have already separated by the time […]

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How to Handle Denial of Visitation Rights

Under Michigan law, what is commonly known as “visitation” is actually called “parenting time.” This is a deliberate choice of words, intended to eliminate the idea that one parent is “custodial” and the other “visits” the kids. Instead, both parents have “parenting time,” time that is designated for them and their children to be together, […]

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