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Personal Protection Orders

Michigan statues provide for three different types of PPO’s, depending on the relationship of the petitioner and respondent, as well as the respondent’s conduct.

Domestic PPO – prohibits certain assaultive and threatening behaviors and is appropriate where the person has or has had a domestic relationship with the respondent.  This includes a married couple as well as those involved in a dating relationship.

Non-Domestic PPO (“stalking PPO”) – not dependent on petitioner’s relationship to the respondent, but instead requires two or more acts of stalking.

Sexual Assault PPO – protects a petitioner from a respondent who has threatened the petitioner with a sexual assault or has been convicted of a sexual assault of the petitioner.  It also can prohibit the furnishing of obscene material to a petitioner who is a minor.  It is not dependent on the petitioner and respondent’s relationship, and it does not require two or more acts.

A Personal Protection Order, or PPO, is an order issued by the Family/Circuit Court.  Any person may petition the court for this order, or have an attorney file a Petition on their behalf.  A PPO may be used to prohibit a person from assaulting, attacking, beating or molesting you, threatening to kill or physically harm you , stalking conduct such as telephoning, following you or writing letters, or any other conduct prohibited by the court . The PPO may also stop someone from coming into your home or bothering you at work. It can stop them from buying a firearm or finding your address through school records. It can stop them from taking your minor children unless required by the court.  It can also prohibit contact by a person who has sexually abused someone or threatened to do so. 

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