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Parenting time, sometimes called “visitation”, is the schedule that sets forth the time each parent spends with their child(ren). For every different kind of family situation there is a different kind of parenting time arrangement.  In some cases, the order states that there shall be “reasonable parenting time”, which leaves the parenting time schedule to the parents to decide on a day to day basis.  While there are situations where this is appropriate, specifically cases where the parties have unpredictable work schedules, and/or where the parties can easily cooperate and maintain open lines of communication with each other, our Plymouth, MI child custody attorneys feel that the majority of time, this can lead to unnecessary conflict and uncertainty.

The other option is a specific parenting time schedule, which sets forth a day by day synopsis of what the parenting time for each child and parent, should be.  Times and responsibilities for pickup and drop off are set out in detail.  It may be a set schedule, week after week, or alternate on a regular repeating basis. It may provide different times for  parenting responsibilities for different children within the family. The parenting time order may also allow the parties the right to modify the set schedule as is reasonably necessary and/or mutually agreeable. It is always our hope that whatever the schedule is, the parties develop the ability to be flexible with one another, as need, logic and common sense dictate. As with child custody, for a more through discussion regarding these concepts, please see the training material Carlo prepared for lectures he has given to attorneys regarding custody and parenting time, for further information.

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