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Judgment of Divorce

This document, signed by the Judge, must have certain provisions or terms, contained in it. Some are required by statute, some by the facts in your particular case. The Judgment of Divorce must contain terms including a finding that the grounds for divorce (an irreconcilable breakdown of the marriage relationship) have been met, and that the marriage is dissolved. If there are minor children (under the age of 18, or under 19 ½, if they have not graduated from high school), the terms for custody and amount of child support, including provisions for insurance coverage, payment of any and all reasonably necessary uninsured medical expenses and allocation of child care costs ( where age appropriate). The Judgment will set forth how all of the marital asses and liabilities will be divided, including retirement benefits and stock options.  It should address the rights to continuation of health insurance. If there is to be spousal support, who is to pay it, how much and for how long? It will also determine if either party is required to pay the other party’s attorneys fees and costs, in whole or in part. If there have been personal injuries suffered by a party, is can also determine how much in financial damages the person is entitled to.

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