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Ex Parte Order

The Plaintiff has a unique opportunity to request that the Judge assigned to their case, grant them an Ex Parte Order giving them specific legal relief, without giving notice to their spouse first.  An Ex Parte Order may award custody and support, require the payment of bills or continuation of insurance and employment benefits, or prevent the removal of a child from the state, among other things.  It is within the discretion of the Judge whether or not to grant entry of the proposed Order.

Since an ex parte order is entered by the Court without a hearing or the opportunity for the Defendant to argue against your request for relief, the Defendant has an opportunity to object to the ex parte order within fourteen (14) days from receipt of the order and request that a hearing date be set.  If the Defendant does not timely object, the order will continue in full force and effect.  Even if an objection is filed, the order must be obeyed until a Judge orders otherwise.  

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