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Complaint for Divorce

In Michigan, a divorce is started by filing a complaint for divorce. This document has several important components.

  • It informs the court why it has jurisdiction over you and you spouse.
  • It sets out when, where, and by whom you were married.
  • It declares there to be an irreconcilable breakdown of the marriage.
  • It lists the number of children born during the marriage, and their age.
  • It indicates what you believe to be the appropriate custodial arrangement.
  • It sets forth your position on both child support and spousal support.
  • It has a general request for property and asset division, and states whether there are separate assets that need to be considered.
  • Where necessary, its sets forth the reasons why you should be given ExParte relief, and the type of ExParte relief you are seeking.
  • It addresses requests for attorney fees.
  • If you have been physically injured prior to the divorce, it can also ask for financial compensation for pain and suffering.

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