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At Carlo J. Martina P.C., our Westland, MI divorce attorneys provide each client with creative, competent, goal orientated representation in the resolution of their family law issues.  We seek to protect your legal rights and secure your legitimate objectives, while minimizing the trauma that the process can otherwise have on you.

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Our Westland, Michigan Family Law Services:

  • Filing for Divorce in Wayne County, MI
  • Custody/Parenting Time
  • Child Support
  • Change of Domicile
  • Property Division
  • Spousal Support/Alimony
  • Paternity Cases
  • Separate Maintenance
  • Spousal Abuse

Westland, MI Divorce Information:

Some divorce cases are relatively simple, such as when the marriage is very short, there are no minor children or accumulation of assets, and there are no special considerations such as allegations of abuse or severe illness.  Others are more complex and may involve a unique set of issues regarding the division of marital property, including investments and businesses, retirement benefits, marital debts, spousal support and issues pertaining to custody and parenting time… Michigan Divorce Information

Westland, MI Child Support Information:

A child’s biological parents have a statutory duty to care for, educate and support the children they bring into the world. So long as they can work out things themselves, how those responsibilities are measured financially, is up to them… Child Support Information