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Asset Considerations in Divorce

In Michigan divorces, courts strive for an equitable (though not necessarily precisely equal) division of property. In order to make a fair and just division, a judge will need to consider what assets are truly part of the marital estate and what they are really worth. Separate or Marital Property? In order to divide property, […]

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Parental Alienation Syndrome

You may have heard the phrase “Parental Alienation Syndrome,” particularly if you are involved in a contentious situation with your ex over custody or parenting time. The unfortunate truth is that many children of divorce do end up alienated from one parent, for various reasons. Not all such estrangement rises to the level of Parental […]

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What If My Ex Won’t Let Me See Our Kids?

There are few things worse for a parent than no longer being able to live with their kids. It’s terribly hard to suddenly be unable to help with homework, share a favorite TV show, or tuck them in at night. When your kids don’t live with you most of the time, you cherish your parenting […]

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How is Spousal Support Calculated in Michigan?

In Michigan divorces, spousal support (commonly known as alimony) is sometimes–but not always–awarded. Whether spousal support is ordered, how much, and for how long, depends on a number of factors written into Michigan law. Courts award spousal support with the intention that both parties be able to maintain a standard of living after the divorce […]

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Steps for Changing Residence or Domicile in a Michigan Child Custody Case

Moving to a new home with your child could get you in hot water with the court if the child is the subject of a child custody court order in Michigan. State law says parents sharing joint legal custody can’t move out of state (i.e. change domicile) or move more than 100 miles from where […]

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The Basics of Property & Debt Division in a Michigan Divorce

Other than issues involving children, the most complicated aspect of divorce in Michigan is the division of property and debts between the divorcing spouses. When it comes to figuring out who gets what and who will pay which bills, even couples who agree on everything else can suddenly find themselves at odds. Divorce is least […]

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Division of the Family Business in a Michigan Divorce

When a Michigan divorce involves a family business, the division of marital property becomes much more complicated. Businesses are considered property, and include everything from professional practices to corporations, sole proprietorships to partnerships. Whether or not both spouses have been employed by the business, the business is an asset whose value must be determined and […]

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What If My Spouse Hides Assets During Our Divorce?

A common fear of many people going through divorce is that their spouse has hidden marital assets, either prior to or during the divorce proceedings. Unfortunately, this fear is sometimes justified. Although Michigan law clearly prohibits one party hiding marital assets to the other party’s detriment, that doesn’t always stop the behavior. Whether concealment of […]

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More Common Questions when Filing for Divorce in Michigan

Filing for divorce in Michigan generates many questions for those seeking divorce. There are lots of rumors and misconceptions about the divorce process that give people false hope or unnecessary despair. In this article, we continue to answer some of the most common questions fielded at our Michigan family law office. If you don’t find […]

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Common Questions when Filing for Divorce in Michigan

When clients come to us about filing for divorce in Michigan, they typically have a lot of questions. Here are our responses to some of those most commonly asked. If you don’t find an answer to your question here, don’t lose heart. We’ll answer even more commonly asked questions about Michigan divorces in our next […]

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