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Plymouth, MI High-Asset Divorce Attorneys

When a couple with significant assets enters into the divorce process, all of those assets are in play.  Your lifestyle and financial security are at stake, and a “one size fits all” approach that does not specifically account for those assets can jeopardize the success that you have worked so hard to maintain.  When it comes to high-asset divorce cases, it pays to have an attorney who has skill and experience in dealing with these complex, unique cases.  The attorneys at Carlo J. Martina, P.C. in Plymouth, MI have a track record of success in protecting our clients’ assets.

What makes a high-asset divorce different?

All divorce cases involve the division of the parties’ assets and debts.  If one or both of the parties have been financially successful and attained a high net worth, however, this process becomes qualitatively more complex.  It then often includes stocks, trusts, investment properties, commercial real estate, 401(k)’s, IRA’s, and other retirement plans.  Business entities are also often involved, whether they be professional practices, corporations, or partnerships – not to mention valuable items such as jewelry, boats, and works of art.  The division of all of these assets has tax implications, as well, that must be considered in separating the marital estate.  Finally, parties to high-asset divorces have unique privacy concerns that require that the proceedings be handled with discretion.

How the attorneys at Carlo J. Martina, P.C. help protect your assets

Our attorneys have developed a time-tested approach to representing clients in high-asset divorce cases.  We systematically identify all property involved – whether marital or separate – and the legal issues related to that property.  We sit down with you to devise a holistic strategy for ensuring that you receive the fair share you are entitled to.  We work with respected valuation experts and appraisers to ensure an accurate valuation of your assets that will stand up to scrutiny in court.  Where necessary, we utilize CPA’s and tax experts to seek out the most tax-efficient method of dividing the estate.  We employ confidential settlement agreements to prevent your financial portfolio from becoming part of the court record.  We will seek to negotiate a settlement that is both fair and equitable.  If such an agreement cannot be reached, we will pursue your rights at trial.

Let us put our significant experience in representing high asset-divorce clients to work to help protect the financial security you have worked so hard to attain.  Call the Michigan divorce lawyers at Carlo J. Martina, P.C. today at (734) 254-1140 to schedule a free consultation.